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Direct Mail Campaigns: Coming Up With the Right Postcard Design

Direct mail campaigns are still one of the most cost-effective ways to connect with potential customers. Many business owners find that using postcards to connect with potential clients is more effective than letters and inserts. If the idea of using this approach for the next campaign sounds interesting, it pays to talk with one of the Postcard Printing Services in Sugar Land about the specifics. Here are some ideas to keep in mind.

Using an Image

One of the earmarks of postcards is the use of an image on one side. There is no reason to depart from this approach when using the postcard as part of a promotional mailing campaign. Instead, focus on finding an image that has some direct connection to an issue the potential customer may face and that the company can resolve.

For example, a plumber who wants to try a direct mail campaign may select an image of water flowing from a broken pipe and flooding a basement. The image captures the attention, has a direct connection with a problem the plumber can resolve, and is likely to hold the attention of the recipient long enough to flip over the card and read whatever is printed on the other side.

Some Short Phrase to Go With the Image

Adding a short phrase or sentence to the image is also a nice touch. Make sure it’s relevant to the subject matter of the image and motivates the reader to stop and think. Posing a question is one of the best ways to accomplish the intended purpose. Using the example of the plumber, that image of water filling the basement could be something along the lines of what if this happened to you. The recipient will stop and wonder who they would call in order to stop the water and repair the damage. That also leads to flipping the card over and reading more about what the plumbing service has to offer.

When the plan is to reach out to more prospective customers, never underestimate what a postcard campaign can accomplish. Contact the printer today and start developing a design. Doing could mean enjoying a lot of new business over the next few months.